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Students’ opinion

Students' opinion questionnaires mean students can express their level of satisfaction with courses and how they are organised, university facilities and exams, as well as raise issues. Students are invited to actively participate in the process of growth and consolidation of quality.

Students access EduMeter with their personal SCU credentials to consult the assessment results of individual courses.

They can see the Student Opinion Survey results concerning the response rate and course performance for each question in the questionnaire, but without course labels:

Quality, Reports and Students' opinion a.y. 2021-2022

Reports and Students' opinion a.y. 2020-2021

Reports and Students' opinion a.y. 2019-2020

Reports and Students' opinion a.y. 2018-2019

Reports and Students’ opinion a.y. 2017-2018

They can see the Students' Opinion Survey results concerning the assessment of the degree course exams and facilities.


Assessing courses through students' opinion                                                                       .

Students who are correctly enrolled in a Bachelor's, Master's or Single Cycle Master can only register for exams after having given their opinion on the course quality on EduMeter.

Expiration dates

The (Edumeter) evaluation questionnaires opening and closure dates are reported on the specific notice.

Instructions to complete the questionnaire

To log on to the online questionnaire (EduMeter) it is necessary:

  • To have already confirmed the career plan (note that the Edumeter platform reads the information two days after the confirmation of the career plan).
  • The career plan should appear as “APPROVED”
  • The assessed courses should appear on the career plan
  • Log in on the website
  • Enter your personal SCU credentials
  • If a courses does not appear, verify whether it belongs to a different CoS (in this case, the CoS of competence will appear halfway down the page, click on the CoS and then you should see the teachings related to the CoS in question)

To ensure anonymity, after authentication the procedure separates the personal profile from the answers given by the student. The questionnaire is different for attending students (frequency > 50%) and non-attending students (frequency <50%). You can read the results in the private area of the single teachings of each CoS. On this page, you can have access to the different assessment questionnaires that include questions on the degree course chosen by the student and on individual lessons that students have uploaded on their career plan.

Watch the Edumeter video 

The results of each course are published in the charts on the index of satisfaction if at least 75% of the students attending have expressed their opinion.

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