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Why studying Business Administration


Business Administration presentation video by the Director of the course professor Eleonora Isaia

You can also watch the video with the testimonies of those who attend the CdLM in Business Administration.

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The Master in Business Administration (LM 77, named in Italian "laurea magistrale in Business Administration") is a post-graduate degree offered by the Department of Management "Valter Cantino".

The program provides students a high-level education in the business management field with two major specialisations (at the second year): Finance & Accounting or Business Management & International Marketing.

The program concludes with a compulsory internship and a final project. The project work should be strictly based on a deep-contact experience within an organization, providing again a new opportunity to all students to enhance their academic knowledge with field experience.

The international exposure consists not only in studying in English with a global perspective, but is strengthened through classes with foreign classmates and visiting professors, exchanges with our Erasmus and extra UE partners, internships carried out in big companies in and out of Italy.

Our key strengths are:

  • Intensive teaching approach: lectures are taught in blocks, sometimes as short as 2-3 weeks, with the assessment at the end of each course
  • a true international exposure: all courses taught in English, visiting professors coming from all over the world, foreign classmates
  • a managerial approach: practice-oriented approaches in all courses, lab, case studies and presentations
  • a TA (teaching assistant) support: TA help to study and successfully pass exams
  • a scouting internship service: provided in and out of Italy
  • study material

The educational objectives of the course are declared accordingly. In short, the course aims to provide a broad-spectrum preparation that covers the main knowledge and skills required to take on managerial roles both in general management and in the functional management of various types of companies, both in Italy and abroad.

More specifically, the general educational objectives are aligned with those of master's degrees in business and economics (LM-77 class) and consist in enabling students to understand the functioning of a company in its different functional areas, from accounting to finance, marketing, compliance, providing them with theoretical and technical tools to understand the reference context in which it operates.

The specific educational objectives are instead related to the international profile of the course and consist in preparing students to operate in complex companies that have relationships with foreign countries, often large ones . The specific educational objectives are therefore linked to the international operational aspects of the degree program and aim to provide students with a critical understanding of:

  • financial statements prepared in an international context;
  • comparative corporate law, international contract and tax law;
  • financial operations with strategic value for the company, with particular attention to the international context;
  • international financial markets, used for sourcing funds and managing financial risks;
  • quantitative tools useful for reprocessing and interpreting economic and financial data;
  • marketing strategies for creating value not only in terms of profitability but also in terms of corporate social responsibility;
  • production and management models and strategies that nowadays integrate environmental, economic, and social requirements, optimizing resources through technological and organizational innovations.

In addition to these, as cross-cutting objectives, the course aims to foster an understanding of different cultural and business models from the domestic one and to achieve a professional level of English language proficiency - a fundamental and still not taken for granted skill in many contexts.

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