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Thesis and graduation

Online graduation session of Master's degrees - November 2020

Following a careful organizational evaluation carried out by the Teaching services Office and considering the current Covid19 resurgence, the Departments of Management and ESOMAS have resolved that students will defend their thesis remotely also during the November 2020 session.

This decision has been taken also considering the results of a recent survey which showed that about two thirds of graduands prefer remote defense or have difficulty attending a face-to-face session.

Besides the outcomes of this survey, other concerns and difficulties related to the current evolution of the health situation have led to this decision, such as:

the uncertainty about the possibility of welcoming external guests at the School of Management and Economics (SME) during the defense in the near future; the uncertainty about professor’s participation in face-to-face sessions, because of any personal frailties or situations of prudential quarantine; the continuing uncertainty about the social distancing measures that may be introduced and are being approved by our Region.

It is therefore considered more prudent to continue to organize the graduation sessions remotely, avoiding a series of uncertainties that could occur even very close to the session and that would risk undermining its correct development creating inconvenience and sudden program changes for candidates and their families.


The project work is not a mere internship report, nor a classical thesis: it must reflect the students’ work experience and therefore have a very practical approach, although it should not disregard a theoretical framework of the topic and a review of the literature. It should combine the theoretical knowledge learnt in the courses with the operational skills acquired during the internship.

The project work is the result of the experience of the internship: thus it is recommended to discuss the subject with your corporate supervisor during the internship, so that you can present a project plan to the academic supervisor for approval. It is advisable to write the project work during the internship or shortly afterwards, so as to optimize the knowledge and operational skills transfer in your project work.

All project works should include an abstract of 3500 characters (spaces included) and a Power Point Presentation for max. 10 minutes for the thesis defence date.

LENGTH Between 50-100 pages.


The supervisor must be a professor of the Degree Course or a professor of the School of Management and Economics belonging to the disciplinary sectors of the thesis topic. The supervisor can decide to assign a co-supervisor of the school or University (internal supervisor) or external to the University (external supervisor).

For Associate professors the graduation subject should be the same as the one appearing on the profesor's contract. Internship could not be chosen as the graduation subject.

The project work should preferably focus on the internship. In case the internship is not suitable for the development of the project work, students can write a “traditional” thesis – i.e. the result of a student's analysis of literature and public data – provided that they have received a previous authorization by their academic supervisor.

The thesis topic should be selected among the disciplinary sectors of the exams that are listed in the student’s career plan.

The scientific disciplinary sector of each course is mentioned on the website, on the course’s page, under the section “Course disciplinary sector (SSD)”.

In order to graduate, students should submit an online graduation application through MyUnito, within the deadlines established for each graduation session.

in order to be sure to be able to graduate within the graduation session and avoiding withdrawing the graduation application, it is recommended to submit the graduation application just after having passed, even if not yet registered, at least  88 ECTS (CFU).

Read the step-to-step guide to fill in the graduation application.

Please remember that the procedure will require students to upload:

  • Receipt of the graduation application
  • Thesis title signed by the supervisor
  • Alma laurea receipt

These forms must be uploaded within the deadlines for the graduation application.

The thesis must be uploaded withinthe fixed deadline (check in the table, 5th column) . It's also necessary to attach the recepit of the thesis upload (ricevuta tesi on line) by the day after the related deadline.

Students who have already sent the graduation application and intend to renounce should submit an official request. Students should:

If students do not send the withdraw request, they will not be able to submit the graduation application for the following graduation session.

If students intend to graduate in the next graduation session they will have to re-submit the graduation application.

The University of Turin has launched an “Online thesis” service which allows students to rapidly upload their thesis. Useful information regarding the thesis upload is available on this section .

Please check the calendar of the deadlines to verify the due date of the thesis upload.

Instructions in English [To be added]

The Commission can attribute maximum 8 points to the project work/thesis. There is also a bonus of 3 points for students who graduate in time, i.e. those who have been enrolled in the degree program for no more than two academic years.

The candidate can graduate summa cum laude if the average of the exams is at least equal to 102/110 and if the Commission unanimously agrees.

To attribute more than 6/110 points it is necessary the evaluation of an internal co- supervisor who should be a professor or researcher, belonging to a different SSD (Scientific Disciplinary Sector) than the supervisor.
Moreover, students can also have a second external co-supervisor (not a university professor), admitted to participate in the discussion without voting rights.

The Master's Degree thesis defence period of the Autumn session will be on 18th, 24th and 25th November.

The Master's Degree thesis defence will be held remotely.

Students will discuss their thesis remotely,  connected with the Graduation Commission through the WebEx platform.

At the end of the session, the degree mark will be immediately registered and it will be possible to download from MyUnito the Degree self -certification.

The details regarding each session will be communicated to each candidate through the institutional email address.



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