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Thesis and graduation

Please see the academic calendar to know the graduation sessions


The final examination requires writing an original dissertation to be presented and discussed in front of a Graduation Committee. The Thesis is elaborated by the student under the direction of a supervisor, written in English on a topic agreed with the supervisor.

The thesis can be based on the activities carried out during an internship (project work). The project work is not a mere internship report, nor a classical thesis: it must reflect the students’ work experience and therefore have a very practical approach, although it should not disregard a theoretical framework of the topic and a literature review. It should combine the theoretical knowledge learnt in the courses with the operational skills acquired during the internship.

The project work is the result of the experience of the internship: thus it is recommended to discuss the subject with your corporate supervisor during the internship, so that you can present a project plan to the academic supervisor for approval. It is advisable to write the project work during the internship or shortly afterwards, so as to optimise the knowledge and operational skills transfer in your project work.

In case the internship is not suitable for the development of the project work, students can write a “traditional” thesis. In this case the length of the thesis does not change, nor the general approach, which is supposed to be very practical, such as for instance a critical scientific literature review or a public data analysis.

The student is expected to contact privately the potential thesis supervisor in order to discuss her/his availability and to agree on a topic for the thesis. The supervisor must be a professor of the Degree Course, or a professor/researcher of the School of Management and Economics, ESOMAS or Management Departments, whose Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD, indicated on the personal CampusNet pages) coincides with the SSD of one of the courses offered in the Program (for example, SECS-P/07, SECS-S/01, SECS-S/06, SECS-P/01, IUS/04). 

For contract professors the thesis topic must be the same as the one mentioned in the contract.

Tutors and Teaching assistants cannot be supervisors for the thesis.

The supervisor can decide to assign an internal co-supervisor, University professor or researcher. Additional thesis advisors involved in the preparation of the thesis or advisors failing the above conditions can only act as co-supervisors. These include, e.g., Unito faculties of other SSDs, non-academic experts, faculties of foreign institutions for thesis conducted abroad, etc. Note that only the thesis supervisor is formally required for the submission of the thesis, additional advisors being optional.

Please note that, in order to attribute more than 6/110 points to the thesis, the evaluation of an internal co-supervisor belonging to a different SSD (Scientific Disciplinary Sector) than the supervisor, is necessary.

Thesis preparation and defence

Regarding the format of the thesis (page layouts, referencing styles etc.) please refer to your supervisor, who may provide her/his personal guidelines concerning the formal structure and text organisation of the project work.

All project works should include an abstract of 3500 characters (spaces included) and a slide presentation.

LENGTH Between 50-70 pages.


On the graduation date, the candidate explains and defends the thesis orally in front of the Graduation Committee. The discussion, supported by a slide presentation (10 minutes) will be followed by Q&A session (5-10 minutes)

The presentation in pdf format must be sent to within the 1 pm of the day before the graduation date. In case the discussion is scheduled on Monday, the presentation must be sent on Friday morning. Candidates will find the presentation on the computer ready to be used for the discussion. It is also recommended to upload the presentation in ppt and pdf formats on a usb stick in order to bring it in class.

The Commission can attribute a maximum 8 points to the project work/thesis. There is also a bonus of 3 points for students who graduate in time, i.e. those who have been enrolled in the degree program for not more than two academic years, and didn’t request the career abbreviation.

The candidate can be awarded summa cum laude if the average of the exams is at least equal to 102/110, and the final grade is 110/110, and if the Committee unanimously agrees.

To attribute more than 6/110 points, the evaluation of an internal co- supervisor who should be a professor or researcher, belonging to a different SSD (Scientific Disciplinary Sector) than the supervisor, is required.

Moreover, students can also have a second external co-supervisor (not a university professor), admitted to participate in the discussion without voting rights.

Administrative procedures

In order to graduate, students should submit an online graduation application through MyUnito, within the deadlines established for each graduation session.

In order to be sure to be able to graduate within the graduation session and avoid withdrawing the graduation application, it is recommended to submit the graduation application just after having passed, even if not yet registered, at least 88 ECTS (CFU).


Autumn graduation session (November 2024) and Spring graduation session (Extraordinary 23/24 a.y. session – Anticipated 24/25a.y. session) – (April 2025)

Starting from graduation session (November 2024) the new format of the graduation application will be applied.

New graduation application format


See the step-by-step guide for applying.

Below are the consecutive steps of the new procedure that students will have to take in order to apply for the graduation session.

Step 1: Title submission

  • Log in to MyUnito
  • Click on "Enrollment"/"Iscrizioni" > Personal Data": check whether your personal information is correct ( since it will later be reported in the degree parchment) and whether the uploaded ID is valid.
  • Click on "Final Examination"/"Prova finale" > "Degree Awarding"/"Conseguimento titolo" : fill in the fields in the "Submit the thesis title"/"Presenta il titolo" section, indicate the type and title of the thesis, the name of the supervisor and other information required. This procedure must be completed by the deadline indicated for the Study Program.

 Non-extendable deadlines for the graduation application

"Professor’s acceptance"

Once the thesis title has been submitted, the supervisor will receive notification of this request, and only after his or her approval the candidate can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Filling in the Almalaurea questionnaire and submission of the graduation application

  • Log in to MyUnito
  • Click on "Final Examination"/"Prova finale" > “Alma Laurea registration”/”Registrazione Alma Laurea”: register on the Almalaurea portal and fill out the end-of-course
  • Click on "Final Examination"/"Prova finale" > "Degree Awarding"/"Conseguimento titolo": submit the graduation application within the deadline specified for the Study Program and pay the graduation fee.

Non-extendable deadlines for the graduation application

Step 3: Thesis upload

  • Log in to MyUnito
  • Click on "Final Examination"/"Prova finale" > "Degree Awarding"/"Conseguimento titolo": upload the thesis within the deadline indicated for the Study Program

Non-extendable deadlines for the graduation application

"Professor’s approval"

Once the thesis has been uploaded, the supervisor will receive a notification and will then proceed to approve or reject the material uploaded by the candidate:

  1. in case of approval the procedure is completed,
  2. in case of rejection, the candidate will have to make the required corrections and re-upload the corrected thesis within the deadline

Students who have already submitted the graduation application and intend to renounce should submit an official request. Students should:

  • Fill in the form(the form needs to be filled in also if the student withdraws through the online procedure)
  • Send the form through the Help Desk and at

If students do not submit the withdrawal request, they will not be able to submit the graduation application for the following graduation session.

If students intend to graduate in the next graduation session they will have to re-submit the graduation application.

The University, upon resolution of the Academic Senate number 8/2023/IV/3 dated April 26th, 2023, has granted the possibility to request remote modality for the graduation thesis defense, starting from the a.a. 2022/2023 until further notice, to students with long-lasting or permanent severe health issues, that make it extremely difficult or impossible to attend university facilities and that are certified by a specialist doctor affiliated with the National Health Service or equivalent for foreign students.

Please find below the procedure for online thesis defense request:

  1. students must send the request to the Ufficio Studenti con Disabilità e DSA attaching health certifications unless already in the possession of the office;

  2. the evaluation of the requests will be submitted to a dedicated Medical Commission that in case of acceptance of the request will also establish the period of validity of such authorization;

  3. if necessary for individual situations, the Medical Commission may require the submission of additional documentation attesting to the impossibility of holding in-person teaching activities, with the relevant health reasons and the period of validity of such prescription;

  4. the outcome of the evaluation will be sent to the students by the Ufficio Studenti con Disabilità e DSA within 10 days from the acquisition of the request or additional documentation;

  5. if the request is accepted, proper written authorization will be sent to the students;

  6. in order to carry the thesis defense online, you should inform the Students Office of your department with at least 15 days' notice.

Summer session - July 2024

For Business Administration students the thesis defence and proclamation is planned on July, 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2024.

Starting from June 26th, the candidates' list of the graduation session will be available at the Graduation Notices Board.


The graduation session will be held at SAA. The candidates will receive all the details and further instructions on their institutional email address. 

Starting from the next day, all graduates will be able to download the Degree self-certification from their MyUniTO page, which can be submitted for all uses permitted by law.


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