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Tutoring and Buddy


If you are a student with learning or other types of disability, you can use the tutoring services by going to the Disabled Student office. All contact details are on the relevant pages.


Buddy Project provides international students, upon request, with a person who:

  • supports you on the most urgent issues on you arrival at Torino (housing, University, UniTO website, administrative procedures)
  • comes with you to the University offices to help you carrying out administrative procedures
  • shows you the main University facilities and buildings (offices, rooms, administration, restaurants, libraries, teachers' rooms).

If you are an EU or EU-equivalent student, request your Buddy by filling in this online form.

If you are an extra-EU student applying for a study visa, you should receive an email from your Buddy without filling any other forms out… don't miss the chance to get in contact with him/her!

Last update: 28/05/2019 11:06
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