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Please note: the exam dates of the session are public and can be viewed on your MyUniTO "Exam dates board" page (“Bacheca appelli”).

For the updates and instructions, we invite you to check frequently the NEWs and notices published on this site.


The web application through which the University manages the exams, from booking the registration to online publication of the results, is the ESSE3 platform. In order to sit an exam, it is mandatory to register on ESSE3.
Instructions for students: log in to the portal and access the page MyUniTO. Then select the "Esami" entry "Exam sessions" (warning: not from the "Careers"> "Booklet"). We suggest to register for exams accessing MyUniTo through the browser (and not MyUniTo app).
Registrations generally open 10-15 days before the exams and close 5 days before. You cannot register for the exam if you have not evaluated the course on Edumeter; to register for an exam the course must already be included in your career plan, otherwise the registration is not possible.

If you want to cancel your registration from an exam, you should do it through ESSE3, ideally within the registration period.


Once you receive your grade, you have 5 days to reject it. If you don't reject it the grade it will be automatically accepted and it will appear on your exams record (“libretto”). If the grade is related to just one part of the exam (e.g. Data Analysis and Financial Mathematics) the system doesn't allow you to reject a partial grade; in this case, you need to write an email to the professor.

If you have not registered for an exam on Esse3 you cannot register your grade. If you do not reject the grade within 5 days, the grade will appear on your exams transcript when the professor will close the online register of the session.

For exams divided in 2 modules (e.g. Quantitative methods for decision making, etc.), if you have passed just one module of the exam, you cannot register the grade on your exams transcript (“libretto”). The grade of the single module will be valid for one year. You have to enroll to the registration/”verbalizzazione” session just after having accepted the grade of both modules. The same rules apply to exams made of 2 parts, for instance 1 assignment and 1 written exam: you can register to the verbalization just after you have accepted both grades.

Please consider that we make sure to avoid overlapping between the exams scheduled for the ongoing academic year. For exams belonging to different academic years we cannot guarantee that there will not be any overlapping. That is why we strongly encourage you to try to pass the exam at the end of each module.
PROGRAMME - Once you attend a course, you have one year to pass the exam with the same programme/syllabus; afterwards, the programme will change and we suggest to get in touch with the professors to ask for the new one and to attend again the course.

The procedure to follow in order to take remote exams, dedicated exclusively to students with severe health difficulties, is indicated on the University Portal page

--> Support for students with disability in taking exams

--> Supporto for students with SLD in taking exams

You can find all the exams on “Bacheca Appelli” 


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