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Published: Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The project work is not a mere internship report, nor a classical thesis: it must reflect work experience and therefore have a very practical approach, although it should not disregard a theoretical framework of the topic and a review of the literature. It should combine the theoretical knowledge learnt in the courses with the operational skills acquired during the internship.


The project work should preferably focus on the internship. In case the internship is not suitable for the development of the project work, students can write a “traditional” thesis – i.e. the result of a student's analysis of literature and public data – provided that they have received a previous authorization by their academic supervisor.


The supervisor must be an academic supervisor selected among the professors of the Degree Course. Visiting professors are included, provided that they accept to oversee the student’s work remotely. Besides the academic supervisor, students can ask to have also a corporate supervisor, usually the person responsible of the training project during the internship.


The project work is the result of the work experience of the internship: thus it is recommended to discuss with your corporate supervisor the structure of the work during the internship, so that students can present a project plan to the academic supervisor for approval. It is advisable to write the project work during the internship or shortly afterwards, so as to optimize the knowledge and operational skills transfer in your project work.


Ideally between 50-100 pages.




and PPT

All project works should include an abstract of 3500 characters (spaces included) and a Power Point Presentation for a maximum duration of 10 minutes (+ 5 minutes for Q&A). 


The Commission can attribute maximum 8 points to the project work/thesis. There is also a bonus of 3 points for students who graduate in time, i.e. who have enrolled in the degree program for no more than two academic years.

You can graduate summa cum laude if the average of the exams is at least equal to 102/110 and if the Commission unanimously agrees.

For the assignment of more than 6/110 points it is necessary the judgment of an internal co-supervisor who should be a professor or researcher, belonging to a different SSD (Scientific Disciplinary Sector) than the supervisor. Moreover, the thesis can also have a second external co-supervisor (not a university professor), admitted to participate in the discussion without voting rights.
In the event that an internal correlator is present, a copy of the thesis must be consulted by the commissioners and therefore made available by the student to the department to which the supervisor refers.

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