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Department of Management Master's Degree | New admission criteria - important update

Published: Friday, May 22, 2020

Important update: May 22nd 2020

Please regularly check this page for updates

Due to the current Covid19 pandemic health emergency situation, its uncertain future evolution and the consequent logistical and operational difficulties of organizing an online entry test or an onsite test under controlled social distancing measures in case of a very large number of candidates, the restrictions on the number of students have been suspended.

Therefore, for the 2020/21 academic year only, the following master's degrees of the Department of Management will not have a restricted number of places, provided that the students comply with the minimum requirements aimed at assessing their adequate preparation

Amministrazione e Controllo Aziendale
Business Administration
Direzione d’Impresa, Marketing e Strategia
Finanza Aziendale e Mercati Finanziari
Professioni Contabili     

The application for the assessment of curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation can be submitted in one of the following periods:

  1. a) First period: June 8 2020 - June 22 2020, by 12 noon
  2. b) Second period: 27 July 2020 - 24 August 2020, by 12 noon

To submit the application, log in into MyUniT, click on Enrolment >> Admission test and continue with the application form.
If you do not have the institutional credentials of the University of Turin, you can register by following the instructions on the dedicated page of the University Portal.

For all the above courses, the assessment of curricular requirements and adequate preparation will take place as follows:

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Candidates will be considered eligible and therefore will not have to take further tests to ascertain their preparation if:

  1. they graduated or will graduate from three-year degree classes L18 (ex L17) or L33 (ex L28);
  2. their Degree mark is equal or higher than 92/110 or if they are undergraduates with an average equal to or higher than 24/30, of the exams recorded by March 31, 2020.
  3. they have a B2 level English certificate or have obtained a three-year degree in English.

Any certification included in the list issued by Miur (according to the Decree of the General Director 118 of 28 February 2017) is considered valid.

Candidates who don’t meet all the requirements will have to take a test which will assess their adequate preparation on Friday 11 September 2020. Candidates who obtain a normalized score higher than 67/100 will be considered eligible for enrolment. Further details about the test are available in the Regulations.

The assessment test of adequate preparation

The test is scheduled for Friday 11 September 2020.

It will be divided into 50 questions and will focus on the subjects indicated in the syllabus.

The methods (remotely or onsite) will be defined according to the evolution of the health situation and will be published in the Regulation.

For clarifications or doubts please write to:


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