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📖 2nd year books

Published: Friday, October 4, 2019

Dear 2nd year students,

please note that we have received the books for the following elective courses:

  • MAN0308 ENTREPRENEURSHIP Carter and Evans (2012). Enterprises and Small Business, Pearson Education Limited.
  • MAN0304 BRAND MANAGEMENT Strategic BRAND Management, Alexander Chernev, 2018 (2nd edition), Cerebellum Press
  • MAN0303 FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT A. Resti, A. Sironi, Risk management and shareholders' value in banking. From risk measurement models to capital allocation policies, Wiley, 2007
  • MAN0301 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND STRATEGIC ANALYSIS Corporate Governance: principles, policies and practices"" di Bob Tricker edito da OUP OXFORD, 2019 AND Beyond Strategy: how to compete in dynamic business environments, Santoro, Giappichelli 2019
  • MAN0300 STRATEGIC MARKETING Strategic MARKETING Management di Alexander Chernev (9th edition)

Starting from Monday, you can collect your copy at the Coordination office.

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