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Brand Management


Brand Management


Academic year 2020/2021

Course ID
Teaching staff
Fabrizio Mosca (Lecturer)
Philip J. Kitchen (Lecturer)
Valentina Chiaudano (Tutor)
Degree course
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - Curriculum: Business Management and International Marketing
2nd year
Teaching period
To be defined
Course disciplinary sector (SSD)
SECS-P/08 - economia e gestione delle imprese
Formal authority
Type of examination

Sommario del corso


Course objectives

The brand management course aims to define the role of brand management inside a company and to illustrate its principles and rules. The objective is to professionalise students with the necessary notions requested by marketing department of international companies. The course includes the use of case studies discussed in class with an international professor, to stimulate the discussion and exposition capacity in the classroom, with a problem solving-oriented approach.

Il corso di brand management si prefigge di definire il ruolo del brand management all'interno dell'impresa illustrandone i principi e le regole. Agli studenti verrano fornite le competenze per gestire la marca in linea con le richieste di aziende che operino sia in ambito nazionale che internazionale. Durante il corso è prevista la partecipazione di un visiting professor e  la discussione di casi in aula per stimolare la capacità di discussione ed esposizione in classe, con un approccio orientato alla risoluzione dei problemi. 


Results of learning outcomes

  • Knowledge and understanding capacity. During the course, through face-to-face lessons with the Professor, students will be provided with the knowledge about brand management strategies applied to international companies.
  • Capacity to use knowledge and understanding.  The notion studied will be applied through the analysis of specific case studies. 
  • Communication skills. Students are requested to play an active role in class presenting case studies and relative solutions.
  • Learning capacity. Notions learned through face to face lessons and case presentations are tested by a written exam.

  • Conoscenza e capacità di comprensione. Il corso permette di apprendere le principali nozioni relative al brand e fornisce gli strumenti necessari per pianificare ed implementare strategie di branding in imprese nazionali ed internazionali.
  • Capacità di applicare conoscenza e comprensione. I modelli studiati saranno applicati attraverso l'utilizzo di casi aziendali discussi in aula e attraverso le testimonianze che cercheranno di mettere in rilievo le decisioni che i manager devono prendere.
  • Capacità di comunicazione. Agli studenti è richiesta la partecipazione in aula attraverso la presentazione di casi.
  • Capacità di apprendimento. Le conoscenze acquisite durante le lezioni verranno testate attraverso un esame scritto e la discussione di casi in aula.

Course delivery

- Frontal lectures

- Case studies in class 

- Lezioni frontali

- Discussione di casi in classe


Learning assessment methods


As established by the Rector's Emergency Decree no. 1561 of 16 April 2021, starting from the 2020-21 summer session, the exams will be held in person (written test) at SAA's. As usual, the test consists of a WRITTEN TEST AND THE LENGTH OF THE EXAM WILL BE ABOUT ONE HOUR.

Students resident or residing off-site, or abroad, in quarantine, in a highly frail situation or cohabiting with family members in a highly frail condition may request remote support (online), which will occur orally according to the calendar that the Commission will prepare. To apply, the student must:

A. for the case of residence or stay outside the Piedmont region or quarantine (both mandatory and fiduciary):

  • register regularly for the test on Esse3, indicating in the Notes field the need to take the test remotely and the relative motivation ("Residence outside the region" or "Residence outside the Country" or "Quarantine");
  • send the documentation via mail to I by the deadline for registering for the exam 2020-21

It should be noted that the condition of temporary residence outside the Region does not imply that the student is automatically entitled to take the remote exam; it will be the Examination Committee to assess the severity of the impediment, deciding whether or not to grant this possibility.

B. in the case of one's frailty or of cohabiting family members:

  • Register regularly for the test on Esse3, indicating in the Notes field the need to take the test remotely and the relative motivation ("Fragility");
  • send the documentation via mail to by the deadline for registering for the exam 2020-21. As documentation, I mean any kind of official medical certificate

It should be noted that for the condition of high "high fragility" reference is made to the definition of Category 1, Table 1 or Table 2, of the interim Recommendations on the target groups of the anti-Sars-Cov2 / Covid 19 vaccination of the Ministry of Health, published in the Official Gazette, General Series, of 23 March 2021, n. 72 (available at the link).

Please note that making false statements or forming false documents constitutes a crime. The Administration reserves the right to verify the integrity and authenticity of what is declared or transmitted.


L'esame orale è consentito solo per due motivi:

1- Residenza fuori Regione Piemonte o quarantena

2- Ragioni di fragilità



1. Marketing Strategy and Tactics

2. Brands as a Means of Creating Market Value

3. Developing brand Strategy

4. Designing Brand Tactics

5. Managing Brand Portfolios

6. Managing Brand Dynamics

7. Protecting the Brand

8. Brand Analysis and Planning

9. Brand Equity and Brand Power

10. Brand Research

1. Strategie e tattiche di marketing

2. Il brand e la creazione di valore

3. Sviluppare una strategia di Branding

4. Progettare tattiche di branding

5. Gestire un portafoglio di brand

6. Gestire il marchio

7. Proteggere il marchio

8. Pianificare e analizzare strategie di branding

9. Brand Equity and Brand Power

10. Brand Research

Suggested readings and bibliography


Strategic Brand Management, Alexander Chernev, 2018 (2nd edition), Cerebellum Press.

Additional reading:

Communicating Globally, Don E Schultz, Philip J. Kitchen, 2000, McGraw Hill Professional.

Strategic Brand Management, Alexander Chernev, 2018 (2nd edition), Cerebellum Press.

Letture consigliata:

Communicating Globally, Don E Schultz, Philip J. Kitchen, 2000, McGraw Hill Professional.



The teaching activities modalities may vary according to the limitations imposed by the current health crisis. In any case, lectures will be online throughout the academic year.


Le modalità di svolgimento dell'attività didattica potranno subire variazioni in base alle limitazioni imposte dalla crisi sanitaria in corso. In ogni caso è assicurata la modalità a distanza per tutto l'anno accademico.

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