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Welcome to all the future International Students

International Relations Manager
Cristina Ragionieri
+39 0116399307

Andrea Valencia
+39 0116399272

Open for students:
9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

International Mobility
Please note the Central Mobility Office of the University of Turin helps the SAA International Office in the UniTO Application and acceptance documents.
Further information for Incoming students 

Davide-Caregnato-Director-SAA.pngDean's Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Management of Turin. We are a small part of the main University of the city but our history is rather long. Years ago, after the Second World War, a resourceful Professor of the Faculty of Economics decided to explore the American Business Schools. Fascinated by the overseas system, Professor Pacces thought about reproducing a similar project in Turin. His intent was not a slavish copy but a historical analysis of a process that was a winner in the United States and could become very popular in our country. Nothing needed to be invented, but something had to be adapted to a new context. So, thanks to the effort of some important sponsors, the School was founded in 1957 in the former capital of Italy that embodied the center of business, industry and culture.
With over sixty years of experience, our aim is to create and support future managers with the most up-to-date teaching methods and highly professional academic staff. We know that today's students are the managers of tomorrow and in order to become a good leader it is very important to instill confidence in oneself.
To do that it is absolutely necessary to share a theoretical methodology with a practical one.
So a group of talented Professors from eight departments work alongside managers of some of the most important companies in Italy. Thanks to their dynamic lessons and work experience we offer our students various kinds of business and economics courses.
Our international vocation incorporates an interesting mix of cultures, languages, colours and religions. I am not exaggerating when I say you are the future and the future speaks a variety of languages. It is thoroughly multicultural and is moving very fast. So you should always be curious, ask when you do not know and  not be suspicious and jealous of intelligent ideas you did not have, but learn from others... Develop critical thinking to obtain results remembering that business must always be ethical.
Each year SAA welcomes 200 international students from 68 partner universities and from 25 countries. That is an important amount for us and our goal is to increase the incoming number year after year and to offer you the possibility to explore our territory, to be part of our Region, helping you with our language.
Spending a semester in a small context like that of SAA can make the difference. You are sure to  become an active part of the School from your arrival thanks to the permanent Italian students and our community.
I heartily welcome you to our School!

Our History

The School of Management was founded in 1957 in Turin by Professor Federico Maria Pacces, with the backing of the most important companies and entrepreneurs in Turin. The original name was Scuola di Amministrazione Industriale (SAI).
It was one of the first examples of a partnership between the academic and the entrepreneurial world in order to create the future generation of managers.
In December 1974 SAI changed its name to Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale (SAA) under the University of Turin. SAA is the only Italian School of Management which:

  • is part of the University System;
  • issues degrees which are recognized by the State;
  • works in the city which symbolizes Italian industrial culture;
  • offers courses aimed at giving a real insight into what the entrepreneurial world needs.

All these aspects have one mission: to create managers who are equipped to lead companies efficiently and successfully.
Since it was founded, SAA has always been ready to embrace new methodologies and to adapt the courses offered to the changing business world.
Over sixty  years of experience in teaching and working with companies has allowed SAA to become perfectly aware of the evolution of the environment  it is working in. Thus the quality of the courses is constantly being improved and updated.
Furthermore, the teachers are another strong asset to the school; they bring together a thorough  knowledge of their subject with the practical experiences of people working in real companies.
The School, which is part of the University of Turin, has carried out interdisciplinary projects which deal with all the different aspects of management. SAA was and is the link between research, higher education and the business world.
The School became SAA S.c.a.r.l. in January 2013. It is a combination of experience, knowledge, relationships with business realities and cooperation with the University of Turin. Its purpose is to:

  • continue and intensify cooperation with Universities in order to develop high quality management training programs.
  • offer companies training projects which can combine managerial experience with the real needs of a company.

Why study in Italy and at SAA?

  • Italy is one of the most industrialized countries in the world, but at the same time it is a beautiful country, rich in history, art and landscapes
  • Piedmont, where Turin is located, is one of the most developed regions in Italy and hosts the headquarters of many national and multinational companies
  • Turin is strategically well located: close to France, Switzerland, Monaco, close both to the highest Alps (1 and ½ hours) and to the seaside (2 hours)
  • Our school has a tradition of over 60 years and it is one of the oldest business schools in Italy
  • We offer courses both in Italian and in English
  • We offer Italian language courses  for foreign students
  • Our school is a small and efficient institution free from many of the bureaucratic problems which affect some Italian universities - students are quickly integrated and assisted personally
  • The atmosphere is highly international, many universities from Europe, Canada and other countries send exchange students to SAA and we are a permanent host institution of USAC, an Association of 33 US universities
  • We organize cultural and social activities for international students (visits to companies, trips to other Italian cities, sports activities, conversation groups, student parties etc.)
  • The school offers the right environment for the development of cultural and professional skills, with a library specialized in Management topics, two computer labs, audio-visual teaching aids and a foreign language lab (Self-access centre)

Professors' viewpoints

"At the start of every semester, I look forward to a new international class at SAA. The experience of teaching a multicultural group of SAA students is always a refreshing and most rewarding one: the exchange of ideas, cultural models and diverse approaches never ceases to be an enrichment both for the students and for myself. I learn a lot from these mixed groups, and students learn a lot from each other, as well as the issues addressed in class.  They especially experience and learn tolerance, mutual respect and appreciation. It is like travelling across the world while enjoying the beautiful SAA premises and perfectly equipped classrooms. The SAA International Office team, which is always both highly professional and extremely committed is the heart and soul of this unique teaching and learning experience."
Mrs. Cristina Barettini

 "Being part of the SAA's teaching team has been an amazing experience, always surrounded by smart and motivated students, awesome professors and great office staff. The first thing you notice when you arrive at SAA is the campus, a modern, well-equipped one surrounded by green areas. Here students find a relaxing environment that helps them focus on their growth - academically and personally. Once you enter and start talking to students (both international and not) you immediately realize how exciting the environment is there. International students are from different countries, cultures and backgrounds and these differences make the learning experience stimulating, rich and (why not) fun!
Last but not least, at SAA all the syllabuses are created to reflect real business situations and all professors share their professional experience with students."
Mr. Francesco Campione

 "Trabajar en un entorno dinámico y con estudiantes de procedencia internacional es sin duda una experiencia valiosa y "energizante". Además, facilita la trasmisión de conceptos fundamentales de la comunicación intercultural, fomenta el intercambio de ideas y, finalmente, permite observar directamente la aplicación de la teoría a la practica de la negociación. Los grupos de estudiantes que suelen atender mi curso son altamente motivados , dispuestos a participar activamente en las discusiones en el aula y a ponerse en juego, lo que convierte las clases en una gran experiencia de aprendizaje para todos."
Mrs. Elena Malaffo

"It has been a real pleasure to teach the strategic management module at the SAA. The student groups to which I taught were internationally different, highly motivated and willing to actively participate in class discussions, which adds up to a great learning experience for all. In addition to the class room experience the international students receive excellent support from the SAA international office team and have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Italian culture and language. The SAA provides an all round high quality study and life experience for the visiting international students. I strongly recommend the SAA to prospective students."
Mr. Jim McLoughlin

 "Teaching at SAA has been an extraordinary experience. The students have the opportunity to grow both academically and personally by being immersed in a multicultural environment where they meet international classmates and professors with a plethora of cultural backgrounds and interests. Moreover, they can count on an experienced office staff that is always ready to fulfil the students' and professors' needs. Therefore I would highly recommend the SAA to every perspective student."
Mr. Davide Meinero

"SAA Turin is a challenge, an opportunity, a global place, a cross roads, a meeting place, an everlasting learning and teaching experience, where academic curricula meet real business environment and professional experience. I would definitely recommend SAA to any curious and brave enough international students willing to face an exciting new environment."
Mr. Augusto Zumbo

SAA Application Process
Are you a student of one of the partner universities of SAA - School of Management, University of Turin, and would like to study with us for one or two semesters? Has your Referent at your home University nominated you?

Please proceed to the online Application Process

Application deadlines
Please apply by the following dates for each semester:

  • Fall semester (September to December) June 30th, 2020
  • Spring semester (January to May) October 30th, 2020

UniTo Application Process
It is also mandatory to apply in the UniTo web site.
Please follow the instruction in the UniTo web site.

Methodology and course description
All the courses offered make use of traditional teaching methods as well as new training techniques and avant-garde technology and case studies which contribute to the analysis of real problems and to the creation of a complete managerial approach.
The highly-qualified and prestigious professors working in our team, the continuous stimulus given to students, the importance of group activities and the analysis of the entrepreneurial world are the elements that characterize the exchange of information between instructors and students, all aimed at maximizing participant involvement.
Our program provides students with the best methods and the most up-to-date know-how necessary to manage entrepreneurial realities in constantly changing structures and their operating strategies.
Our didactic strategies refer constantly and directly to the working environment: teachers are assisted by entrepreneurs and managers from the Italian and foreign business worlds, who contribute with their specific know-how and experience to enrich the quality of the courses and seminars.
Our teaching methods are based on training techniques which stimulate and emphasize team activities and discussions in class and, above all, aim at analyzing the real working environment to help students prepare for their future decisions within the entrepreneurial world.
The use of active teaching methods requires a constant commitment by the School and its teachers, and includes the analysis of cases and situations linked to the latest company requirements.
Our didactic programs include visits to companies, work projects and internships in selected companies.
All courses are to be taught in English with exception of two courses taught in Spanish and taught in French.
We are proud of the quality of our teaching for which we have obtained the Quality System Certification.

Learning Agreement
In order to take our courses you need a Learning agreement approved both by your Home University and SAA School of Management.
Please fill in the online courses selection within June 30th (Fall Semester) or October 30th (Spring Semester).

After the compilation of the online form, you will receive a copy of your learning agreement. This digital copy has to be signed by you, your Home University and it has to be sent back to us, so Cristina Ragionieri can sign it.  (If you need an Erasmus+ Learning Agreement, you have to send it to us properly filled in).

Courses available to Exchange Students

  • Upper undergraduate courses offered by Business Communication and Information Management degree: Link.pdf
  • Undergraduate courses offered by Business and Management degree: Link.pdf
  • Undergraduate courses offered by USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium): Link.pdf
  • Postgraduate courses offered by Business Administration degree: Link.pdf
    These courses are reserved only for master/postgraduate students (Bachelor students will not be allowed to take these courses).

Italian Language courses
If you want to take Italian courses be sure to add it on your selection courses. If you have already taken Italian classes, please take the Italian test.

Fall Semester 2019
Semester Dates: September 2nd, 2019 to December 20th, 2019 or end of January

  • September 2 -  Mandatory school orientation/Courses begin
  • September (4-6) - Mandatory Italian Police Registration for residency permit
  • September 7 - Torino Walking Tour - optional
  • September  (27-29) Italian Riviera Tour: optional
  • October 13 – Genova Tour and Aquarium – optional
  • November 1 National Holiday - no classes
  • December (16-20) - Final Usac and Business and Communication Management Examinations
  • January (within the end of the month) – Final Business Management and Business Administration Examinations


Spring Semester 2020
Semester Dates: January 10th, 2020 to May 16th, 2020 or end of June

  • January 10 – Mandatory meeting with buddies and UniTo Info-point registration
  • January 11 – Torino Walking Tour
  • January 13 – Mandatory school orientation/Courses begin
  • January (15-17) - Mandatory Italian Police Registration for residency (Only for extra EU Students)
  • March (13-15) - Venice Trip - optional
  • April (9-14) - Easter break - no classes
  • May 1 –  National Holiday - no classes
  • May (11-16) Examination period for USAC and Business Communication and Information Management (BCIM)
  • Within the 13th of June Examination period for Business and Management (B&M) and Business Administration(BA) courses;
  • From June 15th to June 26th Resit examination period for B&M and BA courses.

SAA's Angels programme
SAA wants to offer you any help necessary to make the most of your stay  in Turin. This is the reason why SAA introduced the possibility to have a Buddy Programme. This program foresees a match between incoming students and SAA students. SAA students will assist the incoming student in the phase prior to their arrival and over the four/five months after their arrival in Turin.
By filling out a brief request form, you will be put in contact with a SAA student in order to obtain useful information to organize your stay in Italy and to support you in understanding the life of a student in Turin.

Who is a Buddy?
A Buddy is a SAA student who has decided to dedicate their own time to help Incoming students. The buddy helps the international Students to integrate in a new environment, in a new University Life (lessons, InfoPoint, School tours, etc), and in the Turin Life style (transportation, museums, pubs, shopping, etc). The Buddies collaborate with the International Office, which is supervised by Ms. Cristina Ragionieri.

A Buddy will:

  • be a reference point before your arrival in Turin
  • help you to become familiar with SAA and its facilities
  • involve you in cultural events and organized trips
  • help you get to know the city and its cultural activities
  • give you a hand with University documentation, especially the first days in InfoPoint.

How students are matched:
Buddies will be matched with new international students solely on the basis of their attendance on the same study program, the languages they speak and their personal interests which will be stated on the registration form. According to the number of applicants, buddies will be matched with one or more international students.

The project is coordinated by the International Relations Office. If you need further information or help please contact the International Relations Office (


Immagine-SAC.pngSAC (Self-Access Centre)

SAC is SAA's Language Laboratory where all the Italian and foreign students can improve the language they want autonomously and with mother tongue teachers. There you can choose a variety of languages such as Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

Ways of learning a new language
SAC helps you to find a new method that facilitates the learning process.
SAC staff give you all the material you need, according to your level, ranging from books to meetings with mother tongue teachers and graduate and undergraduate tutors.

You can spend your time focusing on:

  • the LISTENING PART: by watching TED talks, business tracks or watching movies
  • the WRITING PART: by translating, writing letters, improving how to write a formal and informal e-mail
  • the READING PART: by reading newspapers, magazines and articles
  • the SPEAKING PART: by talking about your routine, your dreams, your trips, a variety of topics, revising grammar and preparing for exams

SAC goals
SAC is not simply a language laboratory, it is a meeting point for students coming from all over the world.
SAC will help you get a certification, improve your language skills, be ready to leave for an experience abroad (e.g. Erasmus, Internship), be prepared for University language exams or for how to face a job interview.

SAC as a certificate preparation centre
SAC is useful for people who want to take a language certification.
SAC teachers prepare you for English Certificates such as IELTS, BEC, TOEFL, FIRST; for French Certificates such as DFP, DELF; for Spanish Certificates such as SIELE and DELE; and for German Certificates such as  GOETHE.

Who can come to SAC?
It is open to all SAA students or those who come to SAA on Erasmus projects.
External users will have to pay a fee according to the number of hours they choose.

SAC Timetable
Monday-Friday: 9am-1pm  /  2pm-7.30pm

Tandem Project

Thanks to the idea of the Int’l Office Manager, Ms. Cristina Ragionieri, the Tandem Project was born with the intention of connecting Italian culture and habits to foreign ones, by allowing students to get to know and to talk to each other.
It is a linguistic exchange that allows students from different countries to practice and improve their language skills.
The Tandem Project is essentially based on:

  1. Bilingualism: each partner uses his/her mother tongue and his/her 2nd or 3rd language
  2. Reciprocity: partners are both teachers and students
  3. Self-study

Becoming a part of the Tandem Project means:

  • Getting to know foreign people
  • Getting to know a new culture and habits
  • Finding out about the host city
  • Building relationships based on the reciprocal need to speak languages
  • Forging friendships with people  from other countries

The Linguistic Partners will be selected by the SAC staff.
They will be chosen and matched according to the form. The choice is based on the same interests, hobbies and language. If requested, people can have more than one partner should they wish to.
If you are interested in this project, you can apply with the request form.

The project is coordinated by SAC (Self-Access Centre) and SAA International Relations Office.
If you need further information or help please contact the SAC ( or SAA International Relations Office (

Finding accommodation in Turin may be less simple than in other countries. You have to begin an active search before coming and not to wait until the last minute. Remember that our exchange program is not a full-service package: we will support you, but at the end, the responsibility of finding satisfactory accommodation is up to you. Our school does not have an Accommodation Office, nor do we have our own residence halls. Nevertheless, we can assist you in two different ways. We can find you an apartment, or we can  rented from private landlords that you can share with other exchange students, by using the contacts that are available at the moment. The average cost for the apartments are between 300€ and 600€ (bills included). Alternatively, a private room in the Einaudi Collegio or in Buenavista Residence.

If you want more information, please download the Accommodation Guide or write to


Cost of Living in Turin


  • Between 300 and 600€ per month (bills included)


  • 3.5 to 7€ per meal at the student restaurant, app. 70 to 140€ per month.
  • In addition app. 80 to 120€ for meals at home

Leisure Time

  • 60/80€ per month

Health Insurance

  • Not required for Erasmus Students
  • Private insurance required for Extra EU Students

Public Transportation

  • 25€ per month (monthly ticket for students under26)

Study Materials:

  • Digital and Original copies of study material;
  • Possibility to print up to 100 copies using the computer lab of the School;
  • Some courses require books and the average cost of each book is app. 40/60€


  • Free Wi-Fi at School
  • If not included in the bills of the apartment app. 30€ per month

School Trips/Activities

  • Torino Walking tour – Free
  • Field trips, Tours and Field Studies app. 250€ to 300€


By metro

Take the metro from Porta Nuova and get off at the last stop Lingotto. Find the exit where you see a sign for Via Ventimiglia. Turn left, then when you arrive in Via Ventimiglia, turn right and walk for 10 minutes. SAA is on your left on the other side of the park.


By bus

Tram nr. 18 stops very close to SAA; get off in Via Nizza (Lingotto Fiere stop), in front of the Lingotto exhibition centre, take the first crossing on your left and in 3 minutes you will be in Via Ventimiglia.

You cannot buy tickets on the bus in Italy. You have to buy your ticket at the tobacco store, which is marked normally with a big T sign. They cost €1.70 and tickets must be validated once on board.


By car

If you are coming by car from the city centre, follow the signs to «Corso Unità d'Italia», «Ospedale CTO» or «Italia ‘61» and you will arrive very close to Via Ventimiglia, which is located between Unità d'Italia and via Nizza.

If you are coming from the highway, you have to take the Turin highway bypass, Tangenziale, and go in the direction South, come out at the exit «Moncalieri-Corso Unità d'Italia» (see the map attached), turn left at the second traffic lights, then turn right into Via Ventimiglia.

How to reach SAA 


By taxi
Taxis are white and parked in front of all railway and bus stations, airports and main squares.

Visa Requirements

In order to enter Italy citizens of EU countries just need a valid Identity CardStudents from outside Europe, for stays of three months and longer, must have a valid passport and an Italian visa.
Contact the closest Italian Consulate for specific details and further information (see

NON EU Students must apply for a residence permit at the Ufficio Immigrazione (Immigration Office), which is part of the Questura (Local Central Police Office). 
Address:  Corso Verona 4, Torino.
Opening hours:  Mondays to Fridays, from 9:00 to 14:00 
In order to help you SAA will organize two groups, taking you to  the Post Office and afterwards to the Ufficio Immigrazione. If you do not join us, you must go there by yourself.

Non-EU Citizens

You have to bring with you: 

  • 4 EU passport size photos (45X35mm)
  • The requested documentation, properly filled-out (forms are available in our office)
  • 1 copy of the first page of your Passport 
  • 1 copy of your visa
  • 1 copy of your health insurance
  • The original Passport
  • The original document released from the embassy for your visa
  • The certificate prepared by the Interuniversity Relations Office signed by the embassy
  • Marca da bollo (revenue stamp) costs € 16.00.  It can be bought at any Post Office or Tobacco Store
  • Post office fees:  € 70.46
  • Tax:  € 30.00

EU citizens

EU-citizens do not need a residence permit nor visa, but just European Health insurance or a private health insurance.

Getting to know Italy

Every semester SAA's International Office organizes trips in Turin and Italy in order to allow foreign students to get to know the beauties of this country. Trips are organized according to the Academic schedule.


Fall Semester


City Centre Tour and Gofreria Piemonteisa

As a first step when you come to Turin, you have to make a tour of the city to admire the beautiful monuments and architecture. You can come and explore the main streets and the main historical squares (Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo). You will be guided by the "Free Tour Turin", a no-profit organization, that will be pleased to show you the mysteries and symbols of Turin in a 3-hour tour.
Price: Free. 



After experiencing this wonderful tour, you will be welcome to join a real "Torinese" experience by tasting delicious Gofre, Miacce or Miasse. These are alternative sandwiches proposed in different ways from the traditional ones to those served as dessert. They are produced in one of the ancient Gofreries of Turin, which is located in one of the most famous areas of Turin, Il Quadrilatero Romano, not far from the city center. While you are there, you can also take a look there to the magnificent church in front of it, Chiesa della Consolata (in Piazza della Consolata) and  Turin's Cathedral, Il Duomo (in Piazza San Giovanni), which is only five minutes away  from la Gofreria Piemonteisa.
Month: September, 7th/ Jan 18th
Price: € 5.00 - € 6.00


Italian Riviera Tour: Cinque Terre (Liguria) (FALL SEMESTER)


Photo by Ivan Franco Bottoni on Unsplash 1

The  Cinque Terre is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean natural areas of Liguria, covering more than 10 km of the east coast. We will spend our stay in Levanto the first day, visiting the city, relaxing on  the beach and having dinner in a local restaurant, where you can sample fresh fish and tasty local dishes. The second day we will explore the coast and the five beautiful cities of Cinque Terre: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, five ancient villages a step away from the beach. We will experience  the wonderful landscapes of the Cinque Terre, full of colors and picturesque  houses that overlook  the Ligurian Sea, hiking from Corniglia to Manarola. We will spend the entire final day doing a boat trip discovering Portofino, the jewel in the Riviera’s crown, San Fruttuoso and Camogli.
Dates: September 27th-29th
Price:  € 160. It includes hotel, breakfast, trains, the Cinque Terre ticket and the boat trip.




Elegant, precious, unique, fun, romantic: this is Venice. 
The Italian jewel, where churches, palaces, ancient bridges, monuments and squares tell the artistic and cultural vivacity that marked and still marks the history of this city. Together we will discover one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. The first day will be dedicated to a Tour of the City and a dinner all together. The second day will be dedicated to the visit of Murano and Burano islands. The third day we will have the possibility to spend more time visiting Venice and its mysteries.
Dates: March 13th -15th
Price: € 200. It includes hotel, breakfast, trains, Venice card and Gondola.



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