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From Friday, April 19, 2024 to Thursday, May 2, 2024: updating students' institutional accounts

Published: Thursday, March 28, 2024

An upgrade intervention plan has been initiated on students' institutional accounts involving e-mail services and the drive for personal and shared documents. The intervention is being carried out in three phases, with the following modalities and timelines:

First phase (up to and including 3/18/2024): the Google services are regularly operational without disruption; it is suggested to prepare for the next two phases by consulting the instructions in the User Guide "Instructions for updating mail accounts."

Second phase (from 4/19/2024 to 4/24/2024 inclusive): E-mail service is guaranteed but uploading new files and creating new documents on the Drive are inhibited for 6 days. During this phase, it still remains possible to access the Drive to consult the documents but the documents should not be modified as the changes will not be carried over into the new system.

Third phase (from 25/04/2024 to 2/5/2024 inclusive): the Google services (e-mail, Drive, meet, etc.) are blocked for the 8 days of the intervention, 3 of which are working days; from the day of the start of this phase, Google services must not be used, even if they are reachable.

The mode of access and use of e-mail and related services will not change after the end of these interventions.

Further details about the upgrade intervention and channels for support can be found on the dedicated page (in italian).

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