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Published: Sunday, February 23, 2020

[upd. April 2nd]

CORONAVIRUS COVID19 - Notice to all students

**All academic activities ARE SUSPENDED until Monday 13th April 2020**

Dear Students,

given the temporary suspension of the teaching activities, and while waiting to understand the developments of the COVID19 outbreak, we kindly ask you to make sure you have access to all distance learning tools that might be used to regularly complete the program of the second term courses.

Please enrol on Moodle in all the courses of the second term that you have on your career plan, so you can be promptly informed about these alternative learning activities, have access to the supplementary teaching materials of each course and attend live the online lectures (live streaming webinars).

Marina Damilano, Dean of the School of Management and Economics
Francesca Culasso, Director of the Department of Management


[upd. Feb.23rd]

Dear Students,

The Rector Prof. Geuna has decided to suspend lectures, exams, graduation sessions and any teaching activity for a week starting from Monday, February 24th.

Please check back soon for updates on how to catch up lessons and exams.

Link to the official news:
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- In English:



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