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Code of Ethics | Exams

Published: Monday, May 4, 2020

Each student is invited to carefully read the University's Code of Ethics (available at the link: whose moral principles we are sure you will all comply with - especially in this situation, in which the methods of examination will rely on your high sense of responsibility. You are men and women who will soon find your place in the labour market: professors have faith in your human qualities and we appeal to those.

However, the risk that meritocratic principles will be undermined by inappropriate behavior is real and that is why each professor will continue, with even greater rigor, to supervise the performance of the oral and written examination tests, facilitated by the inferential analysis tools of numerous data available to us and by anti-plagiarism and anti-copying software (eg TURNITIN

All unlawful behaviors will be punished according with the administrative sanctions that the regulation on proceedings and disciplinary sanctions against students provides for

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