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IMPORTANT! How to record an exam composed of 2 or more parts

Published: Friday, May 24, 2019

Dear students,

please note that the final mark of the courses composed of 2 or more modules/parts will be recorded upon registration to a specific exam called “appello verbalizzante” to which students do not have to show up.

Thus, only students who got both marks and accept them, need to sign up for this “appello verbalizzante” in order to have their final mark (i.e. the weighted average between the two marks) registered in their career.

For instance, if you got 20/30 on Business Administration exam and 25/30 on Financial Accounting exam:

  • If you accept both marks, you have to sign up for the “appello verbalizzante” and wait for your final grade to be registered.
  • If you don’t accept one or any mark, you can take again the exam(s) and only when you accept them you will sign up for the “appello verbalizzante”.

Please note that:

  • If you don’t have both marks do not sign up for the “appello verbalizzante”, otherwise the teacher will not be able to register any mark and you will be marked as ABSENT.
  • All your partial marks should be obtained within one year.

This information refers to the following courses:

  1. Corporate finance and capital markets
  2. International law and taxation and international contracts and corporate law
  3. Quantitative methods for decision making
  4. Interpreting the macroeconomic scenario


Last update: 05/07/2019 17:12
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